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Our Strategy
When using the Design/Build approach the Owner contracts with one firm to provide both design and construction services.

ALTECH Construction Company fully understands both the operations and functions of the design and construction process. We assemble a unique team, governed by the requirements of each specific project, of architects, engineers, interior designers, construction project managers, cost estimators and administrators that collectively work on each project.

This combination of design and construction disciplines is the key element to both the uniqueness and success of ALTECH Construction Company. We establish long-term relationships with clients by exceeding expectations and providing total customer satisfaction.

Utilizing the Design/Build concept has enabled ALTECH to provide a higher degree of customer service and allows our projects to flow smoothly and quickly. This in turn affords the client more time and solitude to focus on the many other aspects of their business.

By interfacing construction with in-house design, ALTECH has a distinct advantage to produce a project that is engineered precisely to the client's needs and budget requirements. Emphasis is placed on planning and pre-construction services to identify problems and potential savings at the onset.

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