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Star Building Systems
ALTECH is a certified Star Building Systems Builder. We furnish and install all of the Star products available.

Star Building Systems' approach offers advantages far beyond traditional construction. Cost savings begin on the drawing board and continue at the site for years to come. We work with architects, contractors, and owners to meet budgetary considerations and future expansion needs.

Systems engineering and fabrication methods help reduce interim financing costs through faster construction and minimized field labor expense. Plus, you get the added benefit of earlier occupancy and a head start on day-to-day operations.

From strong structural framing systems, to walls, roofs and compatible accessories, Star building systems' materials have the advantage of factory assured quality and predictable performance. Each component is inspected throughout the manufacturing process to assure the highest standards of quality are maintained. Star's fabrication facilities are designed for maximum operating efficiency. That means the very best value for your money.

Star Building Products
  • Pre-Engineered Frames
  • Panels
  • Designed Products
  • Architectural Treatments
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